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A part-time training group comprised of an advanced group of beach players.


November-June: 1-2 Practices/Week

2020-2021 Roster Coming Soon!

Coaches: TBA

Description: We saw incredible success with this format of training in the 2019-2020 season and we're excited to improve upon it for the 2020-2021 season! With players from all over the state coming together to train on the weekends, everybody participating had a huge amount of growth throughout the year. This training group is designed to allow young athletes from around the state to train in a highly competitive environment throughout the year-round beach season. Many of these athletes commute over 2 hours to train together! It is possible for players in this program to also play on indoor club teams as well as train on weekdays with other beach clubs in different parts of the state.


Who is eligible: Anybody is eligible to tryout for this program. We have a few part-time spots in our National and Select teams but after those fill-up, we will look to place any part-time players into this group based on skill.

Practice Schedule:

~ August 18 - November 3: Sunday 4-6pm

November - May: Sunday 4-6pm, Every-other Saturday 2-4pm

~ June: Sunday 4-6pm, Monday 5-7pm, Wednesday 5-7pm

2019-2020 Tournament Schedule (2020-2021 tournament schedule will be similar):

November 16-17: Raleigh, NC @ MAC

December 7: KOB Tournament @ MAC

December 28-30: p1440 Next Level - Tavares, FL

January 11-12: ESPL VA Beach I - Virginia Beach, VA

February 21-23: p1440 Elite - Gulf Shores, AL

March 28-29: p1440 Qualifier- Raleigh, NC 

April 18-19: AAU Grand Prix Qualifier #1- Raleigh, NC

May 2-3: p1440 Next Level and NCAA National Championships - Gulf Shores, AL

May 17-18: USAV BNQ Event - Apex, NC

June 6-7:  AAU Grand Prix Qualifier #2 - Raleigh, NC

July 2-15: California - p1440 East/West Challenge, AAU National Championships, CBVA Events

Not on Schedule but hosted at Sinjin Beach:

March: KOB Tournament - Raleigh, NC

June 20-21: Collegiate Showcase Event - Raleigh, NC

June 27: KOB Tournament - Raleigh, NC

Cost: $2500 - includes player package, practices, and all scheduled tournament coaching

Recruiting: Players in our part-time program will receive all recruiting services from Sinjin Beach. You can learn more about our recruiting here. To see a list of our committed athletes, click here.


Pairings: Part-time players will be able to choose from partners from all over the east coast to pair with for tournaments. We work intimately with the small number of families in this program to ensure that the players always have a partner that allows the potential to end up on the podium. Ultimately, it is each player's choice who she chooses to play with in tournaments, but we ask that everyone be considerate of the players that they train with one a regular basis.

Player package: Part-time players will receive an extensive player package from Lululemon, Kauai Bikini, and Mizuno. When athletes compete in tournaments, they are to represent Sinjin Beach, regardless of other clubs that they may also train with on a part-time basis.

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