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Getting Recruited

Sinjin Beach is committed to helping young athletes accomplish their dreams of playing in college. Many of our athletes will go on to play at the next level, and we pride ourselves on playing a part in helping their dreams come true. Helping our full-time athletes accomplish their goals is priority number 1. 

Our coaching staff is connected with collegiate coaches around the country. Many of our coaches have connected personally with collegiate coaches aroung the country through coaching, camps, or playing. Sinjin Smith is connected with nearly every coach in the nation, and we can utilize him to get our foot in the door with a particular program.

We help market our players to collegiate coaches. Our coaches are committed to assisting with film editting, proofreading emails, and getting our players in front of collegiate coaches. We help reach out to programs to open the door for our athletes to converse with collegiate coaches. Our commitment to marketing our athletes to collegiate programs allows us to have a high percentage of exposure whenever there are opportunities. The more marketing we do, the better chances our athletes have of finding the best fit for them at the next level.

The California connection. In the Summer of 2020, Sinjin Beach will make its 3rd trip to Southern California to attend several national championships events, collegiate camps, showcases, and play and train with the nation's best beach athletes. If you're serious about getting recruited to play in college, you need to spend time playing in California where a lot of the recruiting is accomplished. Playing against the nation's top talent not only gets you great exposure to college coaches, but provides developmental experience unparalleled by any other area in the country.


July  = California

We can't wait to take another group of talented athletes out to California in July of 2021!!

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