Summer Beach Training

April-June: Monday & Wednesday: 4:15-6:00

April-June: $750
2 months: $600

Tryouts: Skill assessment sessions for our summer program take place at our summer program practices. Please register for the skill assessment and then come to the next practice you are available to attend. Please reach out to us letting us know you'll be in attendance so that we know to expect you!


Player package: Summer Season players will receive a t-shirt, tank top, and a car decal. 

Description: Sinjin Beach is looking for all athletes who want to explore the game of beach volleyball at a deeper level.Our practices require a high level of focus and will improve your physical fitness from where it is currently.

Other summer beach programs in town require their summer program participants to train with their year-round beach players. We operate a little differently, as we believe it is important to spend a lot of time on the fundamentals of the beach game for those who have less experience. To provide an accelerated learning curve, participants will train within a group whose skillset is similar to their own. Participants are able to play for 2 months or 3 months. We prefer our Summer athletes to be committed to our full 3 month program to allow for further development. When they are not on vacation, players are expected to be at practice. Sinjin Beach does not offer a one-month commitment as an option for our summer program. 


Tournaments: There are tournaments available in the region almost every weekend. Not all of the tournaments are hosted by Sinjin Beach. Tournaments hosted by Sinjin Beach will have Sinjin coaching staff on hand for coaching at the tournaments. Tournaments in the area will occasionally have coaching provided. Our National Team players receive priority coaching and Summer season athletes will receive coaching whenever possible. Summer season athletes are not required to play in tournaments, but it’s a fun experience and we encourage them to try at least one! 


Partners: Summer season players are responsible for choosing their own partners for tournaments. Coaches will help players find an appropriate partner, but it is up to you to secure a partner for each tournament.