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Spring/Summer Beach Training

Program Details:

April-July Practice Times

Monday: 5:00-6:45pm; Wednesday: 5:00-6:45pm

You can choose to attend 1 to 2 practices per week!

If you need to arrive 15-20 minutes late due to school, that's not a problem!
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1 time/week

April-July: $550

3 months: $450

2 months: $300

2 times/week
April-July: $1000

3 months: $850
2 months: $600


Space is limited. In the event that we have too many participants, participation will be granted to those willing to train at the highest volume.

Player package: Summer Season players will receive a Sinjin Beach t-shirt and tank-top.

Description: Sinjin Beach is looking for all athletes who want to explore the game of beach volleyball at a deeper level. This program is designed to help players have a blast while getting introduced to the beach game. You do not need to have a partner to take part in our summer training. There will be a mixture of instruction/drills, and all of our summer sessions will revolve around playing competitive games for fun. Coaches will be on hand to provide advice during play. Participants are able to participate for 2, 3 or 4 months. If only participating in 2 months, you can choose any combination of 2 of the 4 months that the Summer program is offered. Sinjin Beach does not offer a one-month commitment as an option for our summer program. 

Tournaments: There are tournaments available in the region almost every weekend. Not all of the tournaments are hosted by Sinjin Beach. Tournaments hosted by Sinjin Beach will have Sinjin coaching staff on hand for coaching at the tournaments. Tournaments in the area will occasionally have coaching provided. Our National Team players receive priority coaching and Summer season athletes will receive coaching whenever possible. Summer season athletes are not required to play in tournaments, but it’s a fun experience and we encourage them to try at least one! 


Partners: Summer season players are responsible for choosing their own partners for tournaments. Coaches will help players find an appropriate partner, but it is up to you to secure a partner for each tournament. Again, you do not need a partner with you to take part in our summer training.

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