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Year-Round Program Tryouts

Click here to register for tryouts!

Every year, players have to go through the dreaded tryout process. Please know that we anticipate being able to offer a spot to anyone who attends our tryouts, but we don't know which group is the right fit for you until we see you at tryouts.


The registration link above will take you to our tryout registration. You are able to tryout for our year-round programming using any of the methods below. Our year-round beach season runs from November-June with varying practice schedules based on which season we are in.

After registering for tryouts, you can attend as many tryout sessions as you would like. Our first two tryout sessions are:


Saturday, August 12 from 12-2pm

Sunday, August 13 from 3-5pm

Saturday, September 16 from 12-2pm

Sunday, September 17 from 3-5pm

Saturday, October 14 from 12-2pm

Sunday, October 15 from 3-5pm

You can get familiar with out club in the mean time by attending some of our fall program practices. learn more about our Fall program practices here. 

Everyone will have a fair tryout and we are confident that everyone who tries out will receive an offer for one of our training groups! We do not have to fill all of the available space on each of our teams and will only do so if the level of the players makes sense.

You can find more information about each of our year-round programs here.

For those planning to tryout for indoor club teams: If you are planning to attend tryouts for indoor, please let us know and we will provide you with 2 options in your Sinjin year-round offer. The first option will be for playing beach full-time with us, the second option will allow you to play indoor and attend our practices around your indoor schedule. Bottom line - your offer will not force you to choose between playing indoor and beach.

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