2020-2021 National Team

November-June (2-3 practices/week)

2020-2021 Roster Coming soon!

Coaches: Latacha De Oliveira, Megan Garren, Chase Teal

Practice Schedule:

November - December: Sunday 12-2pm, Monday 4:45pm-6:45pm , Wednesday 4:45pm-6:45pm

January - February: Indoor Workouts on Tuesday & Thursday from 5:00-6:00. Sand Practices on Saturday from 2-4pm and Sunday from 2:30-4:30pm

March: Monday 4:45pm-6:45pm , Wednesday 4:45pm-6:45pm, Saturday from 2-4pm and Sunday from 12-2pm

~ April-June: Monday 4:45pm-6:45pm , Wednesday 4:45pm-6:45pm
See calendar for complete schedule.


2019-2020 National Team Tournament Schedule (2020-2021 Schedule will be similar)

November 16-17: Raleigh, NC @ MAC

Sinjin National Team 2020 Tournament Schedule

November 16-17: Raleigh, NC @ MAC​

January 11-12: ESPL VA Beach I - Virginia Beach, VA

February 8: ESPL VA Beach II - Virginia Beach, VA

March 28-29 - p1440 Qualifier - Raleigh, NC

April 18-19: AAU Qualifier #1 - Raleigh, NC

May 2-3: Beach Fest & NCAA National Championships - Gulf Shores, AL

May 17-18: USAV BNQ - Apex, NC

June 6-7: AAU Qualifier #2 - Raleigh, NC

June 28: Blue Sky - Chapel Hill, NC

July Optional: California - AAU National Championships, BVCA National Championships, AAU Junior Olympics

Not on Schedule but hosted at Sinjin Beach:

June 27: KOB Tournament - Raleigh, NC

June 20-21: Collegiate Showcase Event - Raleigh, NC

Cost: $4000 - includes player package, winter workouts, practices, and all scheduled tournament coaching (does not include travel or tournament entry fees)


Part time: $1800 - Includes 4 practices/month, limited player package, pairings for tournaments, and scheduled tournament coaching. (does not include travel or tournament entry fees)

Description: This program demands a high level of commitment and involves travel to beach tournaments on the east coast. This group practices 2-4 times a week - all practices are mandatory. Our goal is to prepare our National Team members to be recruited to play beach at the collegiate level. We will work with our National Team members on improving their physicality, skills, and beach volleyball IQ. This program also includes a workout program during winter months to increase speed/strength.

Recruiting: Players on our National Team will receive the entirety of recruiting services from Sinjin Beach. You can learn more about our recruiting here. To see a list of our committed athletes, click here.

Tournaments: National Team members have a rigorous tournament schedule. National Team members are required to make their tournament commitments for the season before the end of January, but you are not required to attend the tournaments on our schedule. The National Team will have a list of mandatory tournaments and are allowed to miss only one of these events. Some of these tournaments will include collegiate showcases, adult tournaments, and a trip to California in July of 2020. Coaches will accompany the team to these tournaments. Tournament coaching fees are accounted for in team dues. 

Partners: For tournaments, National Team partners will be chosen by Sinjin Beach coaching staff. Pairing requests are eligible at the beginning of the season before tournament pairings are completed for the year. We will solidify pairings for the entirety of the season by the end of February. There will be circumstances where we allow National Team members to play tournaments with players outside of our club if we feel it is best for the individual growth of that player.

Player package: National Team members will receive an extensive player package included in their dues.

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