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2023-2024 U14-U18 Regional Team

Regional Team Roster

Olivia Hurley (2024)

Grace Agusta (2025)

Riley Godwin (2025)

Annika Rajkowski (2025)

Lydia Williams (2025)

Reese Stephens (2026)

Anna Stuntebeck (2026) 

Kate Ladd (2027)

Brooke Maurer (2027)

Alaina Powell (2027)

Alaila Powell (2027)

Aanya Prashanth (2027)

Carlee Passey (2028)

Aspen Chaney (2029)

Sutton Sharpe (2029)

Coaches: Natalie Clemens, Jill Sheets, Brooke Poppe, Alina Ryan, Greg Vogel

Practice Schedule:

November-December: Sand practices on Monday 5:30-7:30pm , Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm

~ January-February: Sand practices on Saturday from 3-5pm and Sunday from 4-6pm

March: Monday 5:30-7:30pm , Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm; Sunday from 4-6pm

April-June: Monday 5:30-7:30pm , Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm
See calendar for complete schedule.


Please use last year's schedule a sample for the 2023-2024 Regional Team schedule

2022-2023 Regional Tournament Schedule

November 12-13 – Sinjin Regional Team QOB

December 16 – Christmas party

February 4 - Sinjin Regional Team QOB - Raleigh, NC

March 25-26 - AVPA NCP – Cary, NC

April 23 – Blue Sky AVPA – Chapel Hill, NC

May 21 – Captain Bill’s AVPA – Wilmington, NC

June 18 – Blue Sky AVPA – Chapel Hill, NC

June 24-25 – Sinjin Beach Season End Twilight Tournament & Senior Night – Cary, NC

Cost: $3200 - includes player package,  practices, pairings, and all scheduled tournament coaching (does not include travel or tournament entry fees)

Description: The focus of our Regional Program is to allow players to grow as beach volleyball players without requiring a large practice or tournament commitment. Our goal is to prepare our Regional Team members to transition to the National Team level in future seasons. 

Tournaments: Regional Team members are required to make their travel tournament commitments by the end of January. If plans change, parents must notify Sinjin Beach at a minimum of 6 weeks before the tournament. Backing out of a tournament will affect pairings for ALL tournament participants - failing to notify us in advance will result in a loss of your tournament entry fee. Coaches will accompany the team to all tournaments. Tournament coaching fees are accounted for in your dues. 

Recruiting: Recruiting assistance is not included for Regional Team members, but can be purchased as an added package. Additionally, partners are not guaranteed for collegiate showcase events, should a Regional Team member choose to attend. 

Partners: For tournaments, Regional Team partners will be chosen by Sinjin Beach coaching staff. There will be circumstances where we allow Regional Team members to play tournaments with players outside of our club if we feel it is best for the individual growth of that player.

Player package: Regional Team members will receive an extensive player package included in their dues.

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