2021-2022 Regional Team

2021-2022 Regional Team Roster 

Isabella Agusta (2022)

Carter Cruikshank (2022)

Sophie Davis (2023)

Maya Starr (2023)

Maggie Brown (2024)

Katie Richardson (2024)

Angelina Erhardt (2025)

Sofia Gonzalez (2025)

Amina Johnson (2025)

Mia Kellam (2025)

Hannah Taylor (2025)

Sadie DeCasas (2028)

Coaches: Franky Harrison, Holly Paton, Celia Ryan, Greg Vogel, Stephen Kidder, Joe Pate

Practice Schedule:

November-December: Sand practices on Monday 4:45pm-6:45pm , Wednesday 4:45pm-6:45pm

~ January-February: Sand practices on Saturday from 2-4pm and Sunday from 2-4pm

March: Monday 4:45pm-6:45pm , Wednesday 4:45pm-6:45pm; Saturday from 2-4pm

April-July: Monday 4:45pm-6:45pm , Wednesday 4:45pm-6:45pm
See calendar for complete schedule.

Regional Team members are required to attend all practices


2020-2021 Regional Tournament Schedule (Should be used as an example for 2021-2022 season)

November 14: National/Regional Sinjin Tournament – Raleigh, NC

December 12 (Christmas Party and Apparel Distribution)

January 9-10: Sinjin VA Beach Event – Virginia Beach Indoor (Regional/National)

February 6-7: Sinjin VA Beach Club Event (Sinjin Invite-Only tournament) – Virginia Beach Indoor

March 27-28: Sinijn VA Beach Event – Virginia Beach Indoor (National/Regional)

April 10-11: AVP America Event – Raleigh, NC (National/Regional)

April 22-23: Sinjin Beach Event – Wilmington (or New Bern), NC (Regional/National)

May 15-16: USAV Carolina Grand Slam @ Southern Sand – Apex, NC (National/Regional)

June 12-13: AVP America Event – Sinjin Beach Raleigh, NC (National/Regional)

July 2-3: Sinjin AVP America Twilight Event – Raleigh, NC

Cost: $4500 - includes player package,  practices, pairings, and all scheduled tournament coaching (does not include travel or tournament entry fees)

Part time: Includes 4 practices/month, limited player package, pairings for tournaments, and scheduled tournament coaching. (does not include travel or tournament entry fees)

Description: The focus of our Regional Program is to allow players to grow as beach volleyball players without requiring a large practice or tournament commitment. Our goal is to prepare our Regional Team members to transition to the National Team level in future seasons. 

Tournaments: Regional Team members are required to make their travel tournament commitments by the end of January. If plans change, parents must notify Sinjin Beach at a minimum of 6 weeks before the tournament. Backing out of a tournament will affect pairings for ALL tournament participants - failing to notify us in advance will result in a loss of your tournament entry fee. Coaches will accompany the team to all tournaments. Tournament coaching fees are accounted for in your dues. 

Recruiting: Recruiting assistance is not included for Regional Team members, but can be purchased as an added package. Additionally, partners are not guaranteed for collegiate showcase events, should a Regional Team member choose to attend. 

Partners: For tournaments, Regional Team partners will be chosen by Sinjin Beach coaching staff. There will be circumstances where we allow Regional Team members to play tournaments with players outside of our club if we feel it is best for the individual growth of that player.

Player package: Regional Team members will receive an extensive player package included in their dues.