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The Guest House

A Hermosa Beach safe haven for Sinjin athletes to utilize during trips to collegiate showcases, camps, or tournaments in Southern California!


The Problem: A weekend recruiting trip to California requires a player and a parent to buy two plane tickets to fly out to the West Coast and rent a hotel room - an ordeal that can easily cost $2000 for the weekend. This kind of weekend trip is not cost effective, and it's often avoided. It's a shame to miss out on any opportunity to play and showcase your talent in California. What if we could fly our players out to California and ensure that they are safely escorted to a chaperoned place to stay while accomplishing their recruiting work? Well... we can!


The Solution: Cassie House is an AVP Beach Volleyball Professional who works with Sinjin Beach when we make our way to the west coast! (Yes, the "Guest House" is Cassie House's house - it's funny, we know). Cassie has a safe place to stay in Hermosa Beach and can pick up our players from the Airport, take them by a grocery store to grab supplies, and provide the girls with comfortable sleeping accommodations. The girls are free to Uber to and from the tournament venue, but we encourage families to utilize Cassie's transportation to escort their daughter safely to and from the beach.

Additional Details: Parents will be able to have FaceTime phone calls with Cassie leading up to and during the trip to California. It is not required that parents utilize Cassie's help when going out to California, but if players are looking at taking 3-4 trips to California during a year for recruiting, "The Guest House" provides a cost effective way of taking care of the recruiting work!

Optional Clinics with Cassie House: Cassie is available to do private lessons with visiting athletes for $80/hour during their visit. Parents can arrange private lessons with Cassie directly leading up to the trip!


Stay with Cassie - $75/night

Transportation - $75 for the weekend

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