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Part-time Training



Cost: $100/month (3 practices per month)

$180/month (6 practices per month)

Cost does not include entry fees, tournament coaching, or travel to tournaments. 

Description: This program is designed for the player who wants to continue their beach training during the indoor season. Training team members will be placed into one of our Full-time training groups based on ability. We have a very limited number of part-time spots available for those wanting to train with our full-time athletes. Training members are required to be a part of an indoor program unless approval is given from Sinjin Beach coaches. All training members are expected to maintain a high enough skill level throughout the season to not disrupt the flow of practice. Training members may be asked to be a part of the National Select tournament schedule.


Practices: Training members are eligible to come to sand practices with the National/Regional Teams throughout the season. Part-time members must tryout to be offered a spot in one of our training programs! Winter indoor workout sessions are not included in the cost of Part-time Training. Please see our calendar for complete practice schedule.

Tournaments & Coaching: Training members are welcome to participate in tournaments on the Full-time schedule. Coaching at tournaments on our schedule can be purchased for $50/team/tournament, provided that coaching doesn't impede with the coaching commitment of full-time players.

Partners: Part-time participants members are responsible for their own pairings for tournaments. National and Regional Team pairings are accomplished by Sinjin Beach staff. Training members will be asked to partner with Full-time members on an as-needed basis.

Player package: Training members will receive a t-shirt and tank-top with their player package.  If Training members are asked to partner with full-time members of Sinjin Beach, they may be required to purchase the T-shirt/Tank that is a part of the uniform that the full-time members are wearing in that tournament. T-shirts and tank-tops that are a part of the uniform will be available throughout the season for $20.

How do we keep up with practice attendance?: Training members are asked to attend practices on the honor system. If you miss a practice one month, we do not have a problem with you making it up the next month. If training members miss too many practices and fall behind, they may be asked to train within a lower skill group. 

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